The Firm

The vision began in 2012 when architects Paul Donaldson and Ryan Robinson felt a quiet revolution coming on.  The two Texas Tech University graduates had young families at home and, at the same time, were passionately focused on designing innovative communities for the nation’s growing senior population. As they designed residences for aging adults they also started taking stock of how they were spending the most productive years of their own lives. They had reached a career crossroads and seized the opportunity to make a big change in how they practiced architecture.

Already, Paul had invested more than 20 years of his professional life specializing in senior housing design for a firm that had become part of one of the world’s 10 largest architecture practices. Ryan had worked alongside Paul for 15 of those years. Both were ready to build a practice that brought balance to work and home life while also generating transformation in the global field of senior housing.

In June 2013 PRDG Senior Living Architecture launched in Dallas’ high-energy Uptown neighborhood—the perfect environment for architects known throughout the nation for their creativity and client collaboration.

Guiding Principles:

The revolution is underway. Here are the four principles that guide PRDG’s architectural design and business philosophy:


PRDG is a family-oriented organization that prioritizes high-quality services to our clients with balanced attention to living our best lives.


PRDG is firmly built upon a culture of collaboration, creativity, loyalty, and responsibility.


Client service comes first. PRDG thrives on a foundational belief that communication, respect and true win/win outcomes enhance the value of long-term relationships.


In association with our clients, PRDG honors the obligation to revolutionize how senior adults live and thrive in communities focused on advancing their quality of life through innovative architecture that creates comfortable, safe and sustainable living environments.