Project Manager

Position Overview:

Primary leadership responsibility in managing both the client relationship (in collaboration with Managing Principal, Design Principal, and Technical Principal) and project success, as measured in client satisfaction, work quality, profitability, and fostering team professionalism and collaboration. Manages all phases of project through construction including Budgeting, scheduling, planning, design, construction documents with authority to direct and monitor all activities.

Essential Job Functions:


  • Understands design philosophies, overall building design concepts, design software technology and delivery methods.
  • Understands and responds to the technical implications of design decisions.
  • Promotes firm and project goals of excellence in design, execution, and sustainability.


  • Understands all aspects and phases of the architectural, design and production process.


  • Defines, monitors and maintains control of the scope of work and services for the project including project schedule and work plan.
  • Prepares and negotiates client and consultant proposals, fees, schedules, and contracts.
  • Primary coordinator of all communication between the client and Perkins + Will, (including Managing Principal, Design Principal, and Technical Principal) insuring timely resolution of client concerns and management of business issues including contracts and additional services.
  • Responsible for the complete integration of design and technical aspects of the project.
  • Responsible for the clear and timely communication of information to the project team and to insure compliance with the project team’s goals.
  • Monitors the performance of the project team and approach, to assure that the Firm’s quality standards and design goals are being met.
  • Establishes, maintains, and documents regular project related meetings including client, internal team and consultants meetings.
  • Initiates, documents, and maintains project set-up, including contract review, project process and filing procedures, work authorizations, assisting accounting in timely distribution of invoices.
  • Responsible for meeting or exceeding the financial goals established for the project and providing timely and appropriate information to Project Accountant to initiate invoicing.
  • Direct contact responsibility with clients and associated consultants, to insure timely collections and management of delinquent accounts receivables.
  • Insures the orderly and complete preparation, distribution, and retention of all project written records.
  • Considers risk management by monitoring client issues and technical issues in a timely manner to minimize liability.
  • Responsible for the orderly close out of projects including contractual requirements.
  • Follows through with post contract administration requirements (ies: follow-up phone calls to insure client satisfaction and source additional marketing leads, complete final historical database, etc.).
  • Coordinates staffing resources with office Operations Director.
  • Assures a positive team work atmosphere and assists in supporting the development and retention of quality staff including training/development/mentoring.
  • Participates in marketing opportunities and facilitates multi-discipline/office collaboration within firm
  • Develops and maintains successful client relationships for repeat business.

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