Enduring Designs | Lasting Relationships

PRDG takes pride in a legacy of enduring designs and lasting relationships. Working with PRDG means working with architects who listen, who leave their ego at the door and work and re-work to deliver a design that their clients - from developers to residents - will love.

Our Pillars

The revolution is underway. Here are the three pillars that guide PRDG’s architectural design and business philosophy:


Client service comes first. PRDG thrives on a foundational belief that communication, respect and true win/win outcomes enhance the value of long-term relationships. At PRDG, we don’t push what we think, we uncover what you want. Your ideas push our boundaries and hone our excellence. Our team of experts brings to the table over two hundred years of collective experience in senior housing architecture. Our promise is that each of these experts brings to the table two ears as well - ready to listen, collaborate, and serve as we design spaces that elevate the lives of the elderly.


At PRDG, we strive to design the best senior housing in the nation. But even more than prestige, we are motivated by purpose. We are motivated by the notion that our designs can deliver more comfort, more beauty, and more laughter for the senior adults who live out their golden years as our residents. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of architecture as a calling, we work to revolutionize how senior adults live and thrive in communities focused on advancing their quality of life through innovative architecture that creates comfortable, safe, and sustainable living environments.


Everyone has a senior living story - someone they love that makes this work personal. We are no different. We take this work personally, and we operate with a culture of utmost integrity and responsibility. We take pride in designing timeless buildings where people will thrive in their final years, and we stake our reputation on the promise that clients can trust us for the long run. At PRDG, we work to leave a legacy as design pioneers that changed what was possible in senior housing and as trusted business partners who improved the lives of the people they served.