Though a native Texan, I graduated with honors from Kansas State University in 2003 and promptly began working with Paul and Ryan. Shortly thereafter I married my wife Jennifer, whom I dated throughout college, and we now have three young boys.

In addition to architecture and my family, I love sports...particularly baseball and golf. If I’m not in the office on a Friday afternoon, it’s probably because I’m on the golf course trying to slip in a round in before dinner. I love golf, and I’ve always loved baseball, but I’ve developed an even greater passion for coaching my sons’ baseball and T-Ball teams (three boys provide a lot of coaching opportunities on and off the field). We live at the ballfields, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love being at PRDG and especially enjoy the wonderful people I am blessed to work with every day. From my colleagues in the office to our clients, consultants, and contractors, I’m surrounded by amazing people with many different and valuable skill-sets. I love meeting new faces (though I’m terrible with names) and collaborating with such talented individuals on a daily basis to ensure our projects are successful.

“Don’t do nothin’ stupid.” -Edd Howe
(While seemingly simple and obvious, this rule applies to all aspects of life. Be smart and logical in your thinking, and consider the consequences before you act.)