Make Every Day Count

Family: My father’s family was granted land from William Penn in 17 10 and settled in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, while my mother was born in Bavaria, Germany and moved to the United States in 1969 when she met my father. I was born and raised in Potomac, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., and went to kindergarten and elementary school at the Deutsche Schule of Washington D.C. (The German School) and grew up in a bi-lingual household. After Studying Architecture at the University of Miami, I moved to Dallas where I met my wife Casey (a native Texan) and we now have a son named Hayden.

Create: I am drawn towards design, rhythm and order, and am passionate about, building things with my hands, photography or attempting to play guitar.

Build: I focus on woodworking projects such as furniture building or working on all around home repairs. I build whenever I can, even a good Lego set.

Active: Whether Skiing, Cycling, playing Hockey, Scuba Dive or just staying in shape, I stay as active as my body will allow and never turn down a sand volleyball game.

Outdoors: Inhaling the fresh air while Hiking through the woods or even sitting on a patio, I spend as much time outdoors as the weather allows.

Travel: Traveling is the great escape in life and the opportunity to absorb all the world has to offer and we make it a point to use up all of our vacation days to see something new every year. I have been fortunate enough to travel through Europe, hop through the Caribbean islands and see the Land Down Under, but love to see all the varieties that our country has to offer as well, from Napa Valley CA, to Sedona AZ, to Big Bend TX and the many great cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle and many in-between. Our travels are not limited to hotels and B&B’s either, some of the best are just in a tent along a creek at a campsite in Beavers Bend OK.