Scott received his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State and was lucky enough to spend a summer studying abroad in Europe.

His first job out of school landed him in Beijing, China where he worked on a Hello Kitty theme park, 5-star resort hotels, and entire city-block master-plans. Scott also had some pretty memorable experiences like riding a looping roller coaster with duct-taped seat-belts and eating sea cucumber soup with a Chinese Mayor. After a few years abroad, Scott returned to Dallas and started working for PRDG. Scott will be celebrating his three year anniversary at PRDG in the fall. He has worked on different phases of projects ranging from design to construction. Senior Living architecture has really been an inspiring and rewarding experience for Scott. Each senior living project at PRDG has been a meaningful and inspiring experience for Scott.

Scott is getting married in August to his fiancé, Alexandra. They can’t wait for their next chapter to begin and are excited for what the upcoming year will hold.

Scott loves traveling and exploring new places and hopes to one day design and build his own home!